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How long does it take for you to build a website?

If all of your content is ready to go, I may be able to get you a website draft within a month! After our phone consultation, I’ll get you a quote and contract which will clearly outline my timeline based on when I receive your content, as well as each item I’ll need to start work on your website. That quote will also clearly outline the scope of your website project based on our discussion. If there are changes to your scope or to your content after I get started, please note that my timeline (and your final cost) will change. It’s important to capture the full scope of your project as much as possible up-front so there are no surprises, so please review your quote carefully to ensure I’ve accurately reflected your goals for your new website!

How much does a website cost?

A basic website starts around $1400, which includes your first year of hosting (a value of $168+). My rate is $60 per hour. Based on our phone consultation, I’ll include a project scope in my quote which will outline the content and pages to be included on your website. I will provide pricing based on that scope. My goal is as much transparency around cost as possible, so my quote will also detail what’s included and excluded in my pricing.

What design platforms and hosting services do you use?

Unlike a lot of web designers, I work exclusively on one platform - WIX. I’ve found WIX’s design flexibility, dependability and functionality to be pretty unmatched for my clients’ needs. Plus, the design platform and hosting service are integrated for a streamlined approach. If I don’t believe that the WIX platform is a fantastic fit for your new website, I’ll absolutely be transparent with you!

Can you help with graphic design, social media, or admin work?

With any of the services listed here, I do not offer any of these services “a-la-carte” - only to my web design clients and subject to my current availability. If you need a logo - happy to help with that! You’ll receive a variety of logo files for use on social media, print marketing, etc. in addition to your website. I may also be able to assist with setting up social media accounts, setting up business email on your domain, creating business cards / flyers, setting up your Google Business profile etc. I do not manage social media accounts on an ongoing basis nor do I offer ongoing administrative assistance, but I may be able to help you get the ball rolling on a few key items that are tangental to your website launch - just ask! All of these services are at our agreed hourly rate, outlined in our contract, to be charged in addition to your initial website build-out.

I've already got a website built on WordPress. Can you fix / update / it?

I get this request a lot! I do not take WordPress jobs at this time for a number of reasons. I’m happy to try to connect you with another resource if you need some help with WordPress. I’m also happy to chat about making a fresh start if you’re open to a different platform!

Are there any classes of business you don't work with? 

Subject to my current availability and skillset fit for a particular project, I am open to a variety of opportunities. One significant exception: since becoming co-owner of a real estate brokerage - I no longer accept projects from any other real estate agents.​

What if you can't help me?

I work very hard to ensure that each project I take on is an excellent fit for my skillset. I am very intentional about being mindful of my bandwidth so that I’m able to do my very best work for each and every client. If I determine after our initial consultation that I’m not able to help for either of those reasons, I’ll do my best to provide you with another contact that may be able to assist.

How long does it take?
How much does it cost?
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