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To ensure that every aspect of your site is consistent with your brand, your website be custom-designed. I incorporate high-quality images that catch your audience's attention and accurately reflect your organization's mission. I'm happy to assist you in writing or editing content to ensure that the text is as impactful as the design. I work exclusively with the WIX platform, which allows for an exceptional level of design flexibility and customization. WIX can support bookings, reservations, and online sales.


I will complete basic search engine optimization [SEO] for your site, which will include entering key words and phrases in page descriptions, making sure image descriptions are entered, and connecting your site to Google. Your ability to pop up near the top in Google and other search engines results will always depend to some extent on the uniqueness of your product or service as well as your geographic location, so I am unable to guarantee specific search engine results. If over time you'd like to continue to improve your search engine results, I'm happy to brainstorm with you - or help with resources for an SEO specialist.


Each page of your site will be ready to share on social media. When you include a link to your site in a Facebook post, I'll make sure that the preview looks professional with a high-quality photo reflective of that page of the site and a title that will make your audience want to click the link to visit your site. I can also incorporate your Instagram feed on your website so your potential clients can see your updates. 


We all hate to struggle with a website that doesn't appear or function correctly on a smartphone. Depending on your business, the percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices will vary, but I can guarantee that some of your audience will be visiting from a smartphone. Your mobile version will make it easy for your clients to contact you, will clearly display key information, and will be simple to navigate.


I include a free 30-minute consultation to ensure that my services and the WIX platform are an excellent fit for your website needs. From there, I will provide a detailed quote proposal that will show your cost for your website within the agreed scope of the design. 


Your completed website will:

  • Be secure and show as secure (https:) when your clients visit your site.

  • Feature a site tracker - see how many visitors are viewing your site, general location of your audience, and how visitors are finding your site.

  • Include a cookie warning and privacy policy.

  • Be speed-tested to ensure excellent loading speed on desktop and mobile devices.


I'm happy to keep your website updated as your business evolves. If you'd like to manage your website yourself, I will provide training and support for any questions. Otherwise, I'll work with you on changes and updates at our agreed hourly rate. I can also help you set up an email address customized to your domain and assist with basic graphic design (such as a logo, flyers, business cards, etc.)



Contact me to set up your complimentary, no-obligation phone consultation. I would love to hear more about your goals for your site, and I will fill you in on my process and the costs associated with your site.

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