TIM·BER·LINE  |  on a mountain, the line or altitude above which no trees grow

As a hiker, there's something especially satisfying about finally breaking treeline. Timberline usually falls at around 11,000 feet in altitude here in Colorado, and many thoughts cross my mind as my breathing becomes more labored: the humbling feeling of being very small among a multitude of mountains, an appreciation for the hearty Colorado miners who often settled at these lofty heights, and immense gratitude for wild, wide open spaces.

At Beyond Timberline, I deliver beautiful and meaningful custom websites that will get your business out in the open and elevate your brand. My goal is extreme customer satisfaction and complete transparency around costs. With that in mind, I offer a free initial consultation to ensure that my services will be a good fit for your needs. My offerings encompass everything from initial design and development of your site to ongoing management and updating of your site, to training and support.

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CAROL BEATTY  |  founder, Beyond Timberline

My first web design experience was a college Information Sciences class which included creating a website from scratch using HTML code. I remember obsessing over my website, which was very simple. During that same time, I wrote website content, press releases, and newsletters for a high-profile non-profit organization. After ten years in the commercial insurance industry, I made a major career and lifestyle change to live where I work in Evergreen, Colorado. During my time as admin to a team of real estate agents, I started to handle website updates, which sparked my interest in web design. Eventually, I created an entirely new website for that team.

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I love getting to know my clients and their business goals. From there, I create a professional and impactful website that uniquely reflects each client's brand and mission. In past careers, I've worked alongside a wide variety of businesses, including energy, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and outdoor recreation, which has enabled me to write and design intelligently across industries. I look forward to helping more organizations that are looking to increase or improve their online presence.

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