Small Businesses can play a key role as we emerge from COVID-19

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

As many areas of the US relax stay-at-home requirements around COVID-19, I’ve encountered a wide range of reactions. Some individuals are 100% ready to get back to business as usual, while others are still cautious and concerned. There are widely varying opinions around the seriousness of COVID and to what extent the government should intervene in business. While I’m not engaging in that discussion here, I think we can all agree that this unusual time has significantly impacted most of us in some way or another.

As detrimental as COVID and related restrictions have been to small businesses, I believe strongly that small businesses will play a key role in economic recovery for the following reasons:

1. Most people appreciate the importance of supporting small businesses and shopping locally more fully than they did pre-COVID.

Before, many of us tended to shop local only when convenient or cost-effective, but now that we’ve been faced with the strong possibility of our favorite small businesses and local shops and restaurants going under, we’ve finally realized why this is so important.

Small business takeaway: Make sure you’re giving your customers the chance to patronize your business safely and promote those opportunities on social media, your website, and any email marketing. If at all possible, consider offering curbside or no-contact services, even after mandatory restrictions have been lifted in your area. Some people will be hesitant for a while, and they will be looking to support businesses that respect their concerns. Check your website to make sure it reflects all the options you offer.

2. Many of us are more seriously considering that our dollars should be spent with businesses that hold values with which we personally align.

We are watching corporations, small businesses, and public figures carefully. Most of us are taking note of organizations that are needlessly putting others at risk, being ugly or inciteful, or on the other hand, finding creative and safe ways to continue to serve their clientele and communities. With financial resources strained or uncertain for many, I believe that many of us have adopted a fresh perspective on the idea of voting with your dollars.

Small business takeaway: Make sure that your website and social media accounts highlight precautions you’re taking, ways you’re available to help your community, and as always, the values that are an integral part of your business.

3. A lot of us are reassessing our lifestyles and what is meaningful to us.

It’s been a while since some of us have slowed down to reconnect with our loved ones and our own thoughts and feelings. We have embraced simple things like spending time outdoors. Our priorities may be shifting, and we may be willing to part with belongings, relationships, and routines that do not enrich our lives.

Small business takeaway: Make sure that your online presence reflects the positive things you’re doing for your customers and community. Always connect your product or service to how it will add meaningful value for your client.

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